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"Bridging the Gap between Landlords & Tenants"

In today's real estate market, it is no surprise that landlords face very strenuous challenges when managing multi family residencies. Remedial Property Management has experience with complex situations, including tenant advocacy organizations, city agency interference and tenant associations. Richard and his team have created effective solutions to gear landlords and tenants back to normal operating relationships. They work on identifying the disconnect landlords encounter with their tenants and strategically work on regaining their trust and cooperation.

Remedial Property Management Solutions Inc. offers New York City landlords relief in areas where they have already exhausted time and energy with no positive outcome by addressing the issues at the key core (the TENANTS). RPM Solutions Inc. believes that tenant consultation is essential and is proven to alleviate hostile situations when the landlords attempts at problem solving or remediation has come to halt due to lack of cooperation. RPM Solutions acts as a direct voice for both landlord and tenants in key problematic areas to successfully run the asset in normal operating order.

RPM Solutions recognizes the diversities and complexity in all types of assets, ownership's, portfolio size and management statuses. In order to effectively service our clients our team is prepared to cater to each unique situation, whether it’d be full management, field management, property assessment, tenant consultation and reporting, violation remediation, coordinating meetings with needed parties (Advocacy groups, elected officials and city agencies), etc.

Remedial Property Management Solutions Inc. offer a wide array of special services for all types of properties and situations. The RPM SOLUTIONS TEAM is well trained and prepared to deal with assets which are in distress as well as identifying the main area focus points which hinder normal operating assets such as:

- High Violation Count

- High Income to Debt Ratio

- Pressure from City Agencies

- Pressure from Tenant Advocacy Groups

- Pressure from City Agencies

- Pressure from Local City Officials

- No Accountability

- No Field Presence

- High Operation & Building Costs

- Fewer Vendor Relations


Services Offered

* Billing & Rent Collection

* Budgeting/Asset Management

* New Revenue Evaluations & Implementations

* Operational Efficiencies & Process Management

* Tenant Buyouts & Re locations

* Leasing/Renting

* Construction Management

* Field Management


* Payroll and Staffing

* Legal proceedings

* Court Appearances

* Repairs and Renovations

* Supplier & Contractor Relations

* Violation Monitoring & Removal

* Financial Reporting and Accounting



Buildings Managed by RPM


750 Grand Concourse


902-906 Eagle Avenue

2427 Webster Avenue


3092 Villa Avenue


888 Grand Concourse


Anurag Parkash of Parkash Realty

Hiram Colon of East 163rd street Realty

Robert Khomari of Roberts MgMt

Carlos Garcia of Changar Realty

Elba Fournier of 2467 Valentine Realty

Steven Finklestien of FTE Real Estate

Michael Aryeh of Heritage Realty

Adi Altmark of the Altmark Group

Christopher Marengo Attorney at Law

Shirley Trippico of Brandico Realty

Franco Sukaj Of Sukaj Realty Partners

Matilda Sanchez of the Bronx Public Administrators Office


Sonny Tran of Tran Group

Daisey & Marino Rosario

Myrna Calderon Board President of Fordham Hill COOP Owners

Ray Totoram of Jet Realty

Robert Zadrima of Zadrima Brothers Holdings

Michael Besen of NYC Management

Ryan Zar of Heritage Realty

Henry Tran of the T&T Group

Clara Correa

Alberto Torres Esq.

Valtentin Djonovic Esq.